TFI participated in Alibaba Cloud Eco Summit Hong Kong 2018


TFI was invited to join the first ever Alibaba Cloud Eco Summit, exchanging idea with over 500 partners in the summit, which comprise of representatives from private enterprises, public organization, technology developers and start-up companies.


As one of the exhibitors, TFI presented the core technology and successful cases to different stakeholders at the summit, receiving very positive feedbacks. Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Wilson Yuen also shared about the future trend and importance of video technology, which aroused great interests among the guests.


With the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, business transformation becomes a dominant trend. Confronting with numerous difficulties, TFI acts as an enabler. Through research and development in Video-related Technologies, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, TFI provides the best solution for every business to realize the transformation journey and drive business growth in the ever-changing business environment. We look forward to the in-depth collaboration with enterprises to meet more new opportunities and create win-win situation.