Rex Tso "Clash of Champions 3"

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 7 October 2017

Event Duration: 408 minutes

Event Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Live Streaming Platform: App, website (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide

Live Event Details:



- App download rate had been jumped up to top 1 at both iOS and Android app chat

- Received over a million of global views for Clash of Champions III

- Perfectly integrated live streaming into the mobile app,

- Seamlessly inserted into video ad before and during live stream



Presented by TFI, Clash of Champions III, the largest boxing event ever in Hong Kong was held on 7th October. Hong Kong and global live streaming technology was powered by TFI. was streaming Clash of Champions III all 8 fights globally with professional Cantonese commentary. TFI was also bringing Clash of Champions 3 to the world, by working with Alisports in China, they will broadcast the 3 WBO Title fights, while MVTV in Thailand is also broadcasting the full event in 4 countries in the South-East Asia, with professional Mandarin commentary.



The distribution channels are broad and sophisticated. TFI was not only the video-streaming partner of the HKBN YouTube live, but also was the key live streaming technology provider of the Clash of Champions 3. TFI established a dedicated website ( and integrated the live streaming into, a customized video application. Audience could enjoy the live show and all the relative videos seamlessly through the mobile app. Besides, not only to Hong Kong, TFI also broadcasted the fights to China and South-East Asia by working with different partners.



1. Broadcast grade live streaming

We support high quality live streaming with adaptive bitrates to ensure smooth viewing experience across the globe.


2. One-stop technical support

We offer 100% support on video production, live streaming and encoding. At the same time, we can input flips and advertisement to the live video.


3. Reliable and stable

Working with global Content Delivery Network (CDN) market leader – Akamai, we ensure a smooth and stable live streaming regardless of the traffic variation.

The Client

DEF Promotions

DEF Promotions

DEF Promotions is the premier combat sports promotional company in Hong Kong. In addition to being the driving force behind the growth of professional boxing in Hong Kong, the company is also the representative of Rex "The Wonder Kid" Tso, who has taken the professional boxing world by storm since his debut in September 2011.