Movie Giant Transformation in Taiwan

The Story


- Since its inception, go movie accumulated tens of thousands of app downloads across multiple platforms on Android, iOS and Smart TV systems, becoming Taiwan’s premiere video streaming service.



The growing popularity of smart devices including mobile phones, tablets and SmartTV’s in Taiwan ignited a new competitive race to become the leading digital media distributor. Movie distribution giant, Deltamac, teamed up with TFI to bring to the market, go movie, a new online video platform designed to take the online streaming industry by storm.



Facing keen competition on the movie market, Deltamac has started expanding new online market and motivating digital transformation. They rely on a more stable and technological business partner to help adapt this change and facilitate the transformation.



1. Wide coverage with diversified devices

Our HERMES Video Solution's advanced encoding technology and multi-platform integration enable go movie to directly reach any audience through their phone, tablet, computer or TV screens.


2. Reliable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Technology

go movie provides high quality content such as the latest blockbusters with our HERMES Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology which securely transfers movie content from major Hollywood studios.


3. Convenient online payment system

Dedicated to provide the best viewing experience for all users, HERMES developed a token payment system that allows users to easily purchase the viewing rights that they want.

The Client

go movie

go movie

Deltamac is the Taiwan’s largest publisher of audio and video media and solely owns the distribution rights to Hollywood’s major studios including Warner Bros, Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks. It's online video platform provided movie enthusiasts with the latest films and programs from United States, Japan and Europe and also various other types of entertainment, such as the BBC online series. Go movie’s intuitive and easy to use interface was capable of cross-platform support. With a rich and diverse library of films, go movie led the traditional audio-visual services innovation, and was the most convenient movie and entertainment service in Taiwan.