Online Movie Platform Bloom in Asia

The Story


- Became one of the most preferred online video platforms in Hong Kong and Macau, providing top-of-the-line entertainment to the public wherever they are, whenever they want.



The rise of the Internet and mobile networks fundamentally changed the video entertainment industry as people are demanding entertainment anywhere, anytime. In response to the shift in consumer preferences to online, movie distributor, Deltamac, created Clickplay online video platform, fully supported by HERMES OTT Video Solution.



Owned by one of the largest movie distributors,Deltamac, Clickplay needs a comprehensive video platform and diversified tailor made functions to handle lots of worldwide movies/ videos. To imply complicated technical setting and high encoding requirement, a premium video service provider is required.



1. High encoding capability benefiting global customers

With HERMES’s advanced cloud and encoding capabilities, Clickplay seamlessly integrates itself into the everyday lives of users via smartphones, tablets, computers and SmartTV.


2. Efficient DRM Technology facilitating quick response

HERMES's Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology (Microsoft PlayReady) enables quick and efficient approval from Hollywood movie studios so that Clickplay can provide the latest blockbuster entertainment.


3. Great flexibility satisfying diversified customers’ needs

Users are given an option as Pay-per-view or Download-to-own which allows users greater flexibility in choosing the way they want to enjoy their movies.

The Client



clickplay is a one-touch access to the world of Hollywood blockbusters and edutaining programmes, fully available on personal devices such as the computer, smartphone and tablets! SD & HD films can be rented or bought anytime anywhere with seamless integration of your cart, favourites, purchase and rental history. Clickplay's web browser and free applications bring your Click to Play viewing experience to the next level.