YouTube Music Night with Gin Lee

The Story

 Date: 17th December 2020
 Duration: 1 hour 
 Platform: YouTube (support viewing on all mobile devices and computers)
 Region: Worldwide



  • In view of the pandemic period, HERMES Live's one-stop video solution empowered audiences to enjoy the online concert virtually by using their own mobile, tablet or computer without any geographic constraints. 
  • With HERMES Live's professional video streaming technology, it enables worldwide audiences to watch the live concert, this enlarges Gin's reputation and promotes her new album 'Dear Secret'. 




Under the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the people are foced to work from home. Therefore, Gin Lee used "Home" as the theme to highlight the situation we are facing. Hoping the public to find their happiness in the music world. TFI was honored to participate in this event to promote advanced video service to facilitate the event progress. 

The Client

Crossfade Creative

Crossfade Creative

Established in 2011, Crossfade Creative is a media production company offering full range of creative services from concept, idea, script writing, storyboard, art direction, filming, editing, motion graphic, animation and to visual effect. Crossfade Creative has been cooperating with various advertising agencies and production houses in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific regions to produce television commercials, music videos, promotional videos and event video productions with promising quality.