HERMES Live Encoders enables RTHK to live stream events seamlessly

The Story



•HERMES Live’s superior technology enables RTHK to organize and manage a larger number of live events with easy operation. Over 3,000 events were live-streamed through HERMES Live encoder in 2019/20.  


•The “One Click Go Live” feature powered by HERMES Live facilitated a stable, seamless and professional live-stream of RTHK’s programs on  “This Week” (視點31) Facebook Page. It allowed over 270,000 viewers to watch the program concurrently in the episode of “Chapman To versus Chan Pak Cheung”


•HERMES Live also provides the live encoding service for RTHK ‘s 24/7 TV channel.



By having a good reputation on live video streaming technology, HERMES Live was introduced to RTHK to provide our flagship product, HERMES Live Encoders. We’ve built a long-term business relationship with RTHK since 2017 and empowers it to take up business transformation.



In the past, RTHK faced several challenges with the traditional way of live streaming, which consist of a complicated setup, limited streaming platform and large machine delivery. Leveraging HERMES Live’s state-of-the-art technology, RTHK breaks with tradition. It helps RTHK to live-stream many events in different platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.  




1. High Quality Live encoder with Easy-to-use platform

HERMES Live encoder delivers a smooth and broadcast-grade live streaming with 4S code values, Stability, Scalability, Security and Superiority. Combined with easy-to-use platform, it allows RTHK to manage multiple events effectively.


2. One-stop video solution

HERMES Live provides a one-stop video solution for RTHK, encompassing event-based live stream services and live encoding service for its TV channel. It helps RTHK to strengthen their live streaming capabilities and widen broadcasting offerings.


3. Expertise in Video Streaming

With advanced patented technologies in video streaming spectrum, we’ve applied the video technology to HERMES Live’s products and solutions, fulfilling RTHK’s needs.


The Client

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is the public broadcasting service providers of Hong Kong. It currently operates twelve radio channels and three television channels, and produces educational, entertainment, and public affairs programmes that are also broadcasted on commercial television channels.