CLP Staff Communications Session

The Story

 Date: 8 May 2020
 Duration: 90 minutes
 Venue: Kerry Hotel
 Platform: HERMES Live Platform (available on any mobile devices and computers)
 Region: Hong Kong



  • By using HERMES Live Encoder and platform with One Click Go Live features, allowing staffs to participate in the communication session anywhere to get company's latest information and arrangement
  • HERMES Live Streaming Platform features include: supported 2 audio languages switching during live (Original and English), media transmission and corporate promotional videos playing, enabling staffs to get company latest updates 
  • Provided Q&A feature, the selected questions are displayed on the screen simultaneously so that audiences could grasp the main points easily.
  • HERMES Live provided professional, stable and seamless live streaming service to the client
  • Set as a private event for internal staffs with login required so as to protect company’s privacy
  • Provided value-added service, such as tailor-made soundproof rooms for translators conducting simultaneous interpretation quietly


Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, employees need to work from home. To empower employees to participate in the staff communication session anywhere, TFI was entrusted to provide professional HERMES Live streaming service for this private session. By utilizing live streaming, it allowed thousands of employees could watch the live and communicate concurrently, strengthening internal communication and avoid taking the risk of mass gathering. 


The Client

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited is one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia. It has been providing a highly reliable electricity supply and excellent customer service since 1901 and now serve over 80% of Hong Kong’s population.