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The Founder and CEO, Mr. Wilson Yuen was interviewed by May Chan and Mr. Law Fei in Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK)’s program -政好星期天, sharing about the story of TFI, and the collaboration among entrepreneurs, academia, the Government and researchers in developing local Innovation and Technology (I&T).


Key message of the article:


  • Wilson recalled that video technology market was a blue ocean at startup phrase. Coupled with the advancement of internet bandwidth and screen quality, these provided favorable conditions to start the business. More importantly, talent is the key to success. TFI owns a team of doctoral-level talents in developing world-class patent-pending video technology.
  • Moreover, Wilson is particularly thankful for the tremendous support of the Hong Kong Science Park from its incubation program, including financial funding, office space and marketing assistance, etc. This allowed TFI to transform innovative ideas into marketable solutions, which was a significant turning point to the company.
  • Besides, in Wilson’s point of view, investors play a critical role in the I&T ecosystem. In the past, there was a little funding received from private companies as return on investment takes around six to eight years. However, with the growing popularity of innovation and technology industry, more local and foreign companies are eager to invest in local start-ups.
  • At last, Wilson urged the government to provide more support to young entrepreneurs, especially in the field of innovation and technology. Long-term policy, comprehensive talent management and financial support are prerequisite for start-ups. Furthermore, young people should be brave to embrace challenge. Also, they should identify their uniqueness, maintain a broad vision, a serious work attitude and execute the tasks efficiently.

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