Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation: TFI Digital Media──Delivering greatest social value with quality video content


The Founder & CEO of TFI, Mr. Wilson Yuen, is honored to be interviewed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. He shared how TFI used video technology to support different industries, co-creating a better society.


Key messages of the article:

Multi-sensory video content has become an essential element for online communication and promotion. TFI Digital Media Limited, a distinguished graduate of the incubation programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), discerned huge corporate and public demand for online video content back in 2010, and embarked on developing high-quality video technology and solutions to explore opportunities. TFI has since developed an edge in the niche market and has taken its business beyond Hong Kong to compete with the world’s best in the field.


Enhancing video technology
TFI’s founder and CEO Wilson Yuen says that the team focuses on R&D of video technology to refine videos as a tool for supporting clients’ business performance. Using car makers as an analogy, he says that a car maker will make sports cars, sedans and trucks, and has customers from different walks of life. In a similar way, TFI adds value by making recommendations based on a client’s imagination and develops greater mutual value through video technology.

TFI covers a broad spectrum of clients from diverse fields, including culture and arts, entertainment, business applications, real estate, medical care and healthcare, tourism, religion, sports and academics and education. As well, a number of online platforms are using the company’s wide-ranging products and technology to provide entertainment or information to users.


Personalized technology offers the best visual experience
TFI boasts a number of patented technologies, the most notable is its “One Click Go Live” system, boasting True 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) quality, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR). The system enables a smooth and high-quality compelling viewing experience. Wilson says that personalization is the key trend for online viewing. It goes beyond audio-visual technology, into the territories of artificial intelligence and big data analysis. The OpenSky.tv service, for example, offers on-demand content and uses machine learning algorithms to make content recommendations based on individual preferences.


Multi-level support from HKSTP to expand business
He thinks HKSTP has helped TFI in many ways. First of all, the Incu-Tech programme has provided the company with funding support and office space. Through helping TFI take part in various exhibitions and competitions, the corporation has helped TFI increase its exposure and identify collaboration opportunities with oversea companies. The HKSTP brand contributes to elevating the company’s image and opens up more development opportunities.


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