Networking Event – “Bringing Content to Consumers, Anytime, Anywhere”


A networking event organized by TFI and Akamai, and it was successfully held on 16 March with the professionals from the various industries.

The theme was “Bringing Content to Consumers, Anytime, Anywhere” in the form of networking session with tasting menu. During the event, representatives from Akamai have talked about the internet and mobile consumption trends in Hong Kong, how to accelerate websites and business applications on any device and anywhere, insights from web attack trends and how we can adopt security solutions that can optimize costs. The Founder & CEO of TFI, Mr. Wilson Yuen, has also delivered a speech about “Creating Business Opportunity by using Video and Live Streaming”, sharing our market insights and the latest video solutions. The event has been a valuable opportunity to learn about best practices around the world as well as exchange ideas from fellow operators in our industry.