TFI provides 4K Live Broadcast for HKPhil’s first-ever live concert as its Technology Partner


TFI was honored to be HKPhil’s Technology Partner to conduct a 4K live broadcast for the HK PHIL 2020/21 Season Preview Concert. The concert, successfully held on 4 July 2020, was HKPhil’s first live-streamed concert. The live performance included Beethoven’s Rondo, Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 26: 1st movement, Ravel, Schumann, Stravinsky and more, allowing audiences worldwide to simultaneously watch a world-class orchestra perform live.


HERMES Live 4S Live Streaming brings superior audiovisual experiences to audiences

Leveraging our user-friendly “One Click Go Live” feature and using 5G network, the Preview Concert was live streamed in 4K video quality to the HKPhil website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. With the 4S advantages of HERMES Live video streaming technology, Stability, Security, Scalability and Superiority, combined with 4K video filming, audiences experienced a stable, seamless and professional live performance, enjoying the full audiovisual sensation of the concert.


Transforming Arts & Culture through technology

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more performing arts programs have used live streaming technology for their digital transformation, reshaping the sector. As opposed to traditional methods, live streaming allows for more diverse and flexible event formats. No longer constrained by manpower, geography, and environment, enterprises can reach wider target audiences, effectively promote local arts and culture and greatly enhance viewer interaction.


TFI’s advanced technology empowers enterprise transformations in a rapidly changing market

TFI’s state-of-the-art technology helps enterprises transform quickly and adapt to the adverse business environment. For example, the “Pay-Per-View” feature powered by HERMES Live develops a new revenue model for enterprises. Not only will it increase income, it will also encourage content producers to create more high-quality performances. In the long run, it will promote the development of the industry and allow audiences to enjoy more exciting content, achieving a win-win.