TFI’s patent granted video technology – Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Conversion


We are glad to announce that our video patent for Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) video conversion is granted in U.S.


With more sophisticated TV and digital displays featuring its HDR capability, HDR technology is predicted to be widely adopted in future professional and consumer devices. In view of the market trend and constantly increasing users’ expectation on visual quality, it’s crucial for content providers to best invest their resources to optimize video quality. TFI R&D team, therefore, spent around 3 years to invest on this world-class video technology.


The patented technology is applied to our enterprise-graded “HERMES Live Encoder E” for video broadcasters to convert SDR video signals into HDR with low cost on equipment upgrade when providing HDR quality videos. It demonstrates extraordinary brightness and contrast with 40 times brighter than conventional low dynamic range video, as well as provides detailed environment highlights and shadows for showing greater luminance contrast and more realistic images on displays. It is widely adopted by sizable TV stations and being used to develop the first 24x7 HDR (High Dynamic Range) News Video Platform in Hong Kong.