King’s Glory Doers Youth Education Group Limited Shenzhen Flagship School Grand Opening Ceremony

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 17 December 2017

Event Duration: 300 minutes 

Event Venue: Shenzhen

Live Streaming Platform: Website (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Singapore and Malaysia

Live Event Details:



- Allowed staffs and investors of King’s Glory Education to watch the grand opening ceremony via its company website in real time anywhere, listening to the founder Dr. Shum’s sharing on educational philosophy and business plan in Greater China

- The stakeholders of King’s Glory Education could enjoy broadcast quality live stream, this is the first ever broadcast from Greater China to non-Pearl River Delta (PRD) regions by deploying HERMES Live Encoder M



To trigger students’ interests in learning English and equip them for international exams and future career, King’s Glory Doers Youth Education Group Limited was established in China. Moving beyond East China, King’s Glory Education set up the first branch school in South China. In order to enable colleagues and guests outside China to witness the significant moment, King’s Glory collaborated with TFI to live stream the event on their website and spread to regions including but not limited to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen.



This is the first time for King’s Glory Education to live stream the event from Greater China to Asia. The video, however, is difficult to reach staffs and guests smoothly due to lack of facility support in China. With the proprietary Live Encoder M, audience could watch the ceremony in real time seamlessly regardless of time and space, leading to a remarkable success of the event.



1. Sophisticated educational live streaming experience

With a diversified client base ranging from schools to institutions in education industry, we have rich experience of live streaming in academic seminar, ceremony and competition. Thus, we are capable to provide the most customised one-stop live streaming service. Everything can be set and done in our control panel according to customer needs.


2. Extensive global coverage

Integrated with Microsoft and Akamai, our content delivery network allows audience to watch the ceremony in every corner of the world, despite of their physical location. This enables King’s Glory Education to share the special moment with supporters all over the world by leveraging on Live Encoder M.


3. High resolution displays

With the adaptive bitrate streaming, we ensure broadcast quality up to 1080p UHD and deliver the content across most of the devices. Hence, audience could enjoy the most consistent viewing experience on every device they use.

The Client

King’s Glory Education

King’s Glory Education

Founded in 1986, King’s Glory Education is one of the largest education corporations in Hong Kong that engages in provision of tutorial and day-school classes to primary and secondary students. Based in China, the King’s Glory Doers Youth Education Group Limited is the subsidiary of King’s Glory Education that offers all-rounded English training to reinforce the reading, writing, listening and oral skills of students, paving them the road for future success.