Lam Fung <唱情歌的人> Online Concert

The Story

 Date: 28th July 2021
 Duration: 30 minutes
 Platform: JOOX HK, KKBOX, MOOV, YouTube, Facebook (support viewing on all connected mobile devices and computers)
 Region: Worldwide



  • In view of the pandemic period, HERMES Live’s one stop video solution empowered audiences to enjoy the online concert virtually by using their own mobile, tablet or computer without any geographical constraints.
  • With HERMES Live's professional video streaming technology, it enables worldwide audiences to watch the superb performances of their favourite singer.
  • Leveraging an innovative filming style and smooth live streaming experience, the concert earned a favourable reception from netizens.




Lam Fung held his first online concert after joined Warner Music Hong Kong and released the new single "唱情歌的人". TFI is delighted to provide advanced video solution to facilitate the first online concert of Lam Fung.


Revisit the first Lam Fung Live Concert:


The Client

Warner Music Hong Kong

Warner Music Hong Kong

Warner Music Hong Kong was established in 1978 and is a Hong Kong subsidiary of Warner Music Group. Along with Universal Music Hong Kong and Sony Music Entertainment, they are the three major record companies in Hong Kong.