i-CABLE launches Hong Kong’s first 24-hour HDR Live News OTT App

The Story



•TFI developed Hong Kong’s first 24 hour HDR Live News OTT App for i-CABLE, allowing users to enjoy live-streamed CABLE News and CABLE Financial News programmes plus on-demand content through their mobile phone


•TFI leveraged our proprietary “SDR to HDR conversion” patented technology, allowing users to experience vivid and lifelike video quality


•TFI utilized Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to avoid illegal theft of i-CABLE News content, preventing unauthorized screen capture and recording


•The platform has received over 330,000 downloads in the first four months of its launch, and has maintained its top 3 position in the News category at App Store and Google Play Store



TFI was entrusted by i-Cable with developing Hong Kong’s first 24/7 OTT News app. It applied TFI’s patented Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) conversion technology to achieve superior video quality with extraordinary brightness and contrast, and provide detailed environment highlights and shadows. It delivers brand-new visual experience to audiences. Moreover, our leading and reliable DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology provides content protection to secure the rights of content providers.


Further Information: iCable’s press release of the OTT news platform can be found at http://www.i-cablecomm.com/newsroom/index2.php?newsroomid=632

The Client

Hong Kong Cable Television Limited

Hong Kong Cable Television Limited

Hong Kong Cable Television Limited, the first pay television operator in Hong Kong, is one of the largest producers of television, film and multimedia content based in Hong Kong for distribution over conventional and new media, with a particular focus on new, sports and infotainment.