ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2020

The Story

 Date: 11 July 2020
 Duration: 255 mins
 Venue: Tai Kwun
 Platform: Tai Kwun's website & OpenSky,tv App (support view on any mobile devices and computers)
 Region: Worldwide




•HERMES Live provided live streaming, on-site production and remote broadcast control services for 7 events, across three indoor and outdoor venues in Tai Kwun on July 11.


•OpenSky.tv broadcasted prestigious local art and community development programmes featuring both offline and online audience interaction to an audience of over 100,000 worldwide, effectively increasing event participation and awareness.


•The One Click Go Live feature powered by HERMES Live provided stable, seamless and broadcast-grade live streaming, which allowed audiences to watch the live programme anywhere with their phones, tablets, or computers.



“ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK” is a collaborative art, culture and community development programme organized by O Theatre Workshop, Dream of Tomorrow, and Tai Kwun. The project explores the mental health of youngsters and adults through dance, theatre, music, interactive games and forum discussions. HERMES Live was entrusted to be the technology partner to provide broadcast-grade live streaming service, which allowed audiences to authentically experience the live performance.


The Client

O Theatre Workshop

O Theatre Workshop

O Theatre Workshop, established in 2010, is based in Hong Kong with worldwide vision. Its creator is the versatile theatre extraordinaire Olivia Yan, who is a leading dramaturg, director, actress and educator all in one.  She has a multi-faceted personality, can be at times powerful like fire and others gentle like water, she has a keen eye for aesthetics and a sharp sensitivity for life. Her works are wittily poetic, rooted in love and concern and always reaching out to touch people’s soul.

“O” is exclamation, is surprise, like life, like theatre, and represents Olivia’s artistic pursuit.  “O” is a circle, like the infinite extension of the universe, symbolizing the impact of theatre.  “O” is like the full moon, representing union, signifying Olivia’s desire to connect souls with love and concern.